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Ivy'isms: I-vee-is-emz: Unpretentious profoundness; surreptitiously conspicuous; delivered strategically without much thought and self proclaimed brilliance.  -Walt "Clyde" Frazier

About Life:

Witnessing someone vigorously promoting himself is like jet fuel  to those who really give a damn. If one is sincerely happy and content... one wouldn't.

Every day of my life forces me to add to the list of people who can kiss my ass!  (That's right, I came up with that one!!!)

Why do most people make a big deal out of losing when, while losing, you can usually learn much more?

We can learn more many times from adversity than we can from serenity.


Growing up is a waste of time! - JE aka MaJEstik.

About Love:

During your drive down the highway of life, when it comes to women and their significant others; Sure, husbands may be stop signs but boyfriends are merely speed bumps. They just slow things down a bit.

If you only pursue women you know you can get, you are losing out on a lot of living!

In general:

For those of you who believe that money can't buy happiness; Observing me at a music store may shatter your resolve.

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